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Mariah Hoffman

          It took me 8 months of research, planning and saving before I finally bought my trailer. I scoured Craiglist until one day, I found a used ATV trailer in LA. I rallied a friend to drive up to LA and check it out with me. Everything checked out - good tires, solid metal frame, double axles. It had the perfect bones for my project. I had already invested almost a year of my life getting to this point, but up until then, it still wasn't tangible. As I was finishing up the transaction, I could feel the excitement and pride swell up inside me. Then, I got a text from my mom. She was on her way to the Philippines to see my ill grandmother. But, she did not make it in time to say goodbye. My grandmother passed away moments before I embarked on my greatest life journey. Stunned,  I took a long breath, and cried. The two extremes of utter joy and a longing sadness shook me into a humble reality. Grounded, I felt, more than ever to pursue my dreams and my creative truth from the path that my ancestors paved for me. I bought the trailer, and named her "Lola", which means grandmother in Tagalog. I dedicated my build to the both of my grandmothers, (both immigrants). Without their resilience, grit, and fire I would not be who I am or where I am today. Right then, I could tell this build was going to be so much more that just a house. 

"Lola" in her new parking spot.