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Minimalist Lifestyle Design

Linea Earrings at Louis Khan's Salk Institute - San Diego.

Linea Earrings at Louis Khan's Salk Institute - San Diego.


My vision was born out of a daydream - a daydream to build my own home, my perfect sacred space. Moving through life, I realized that by chasing my idea of HOME, I found home within myself.

I began building a Tiny House on wheels to learn all the necessary skills for my personal/ creative survival. Along the way, I learned that minimalist living and the desire to harness my creative livelihood in the wake of our capitalist paradigm became my route for spiritual ascension. From mindfully designed products to a tiny house build, Micro Modula is my playground for conscious creativity.  

The mission of Micro Modula is to embody a SUSTAINABLE, MODULAR, + MINIMALIST lifestyle brand that inspires conscious living within everyone.  

Join me in this conversation. Let's build. 



The majority of the acrylic used for my jewelry is re-claimed. This material is otherwise headed for the dump, hence product stock is dependent on material found. 



Adaptability is Resilience. Resilience is Power.  From furniture that can flat-pack to fit in all types of houses or on the go, to earrings that are reversible - modular design inspires me to create products for conscious consumer. Less can really be more through intentional design. 


Minimalism in the essence of Micro Modula is to embody a lifestyle that prioritizes: self-care, community, creativity, simplicity, family, and love. This concept includes, but also goes beyond, minimalism as an aesthetic - it articulates minimalism as a intentional lifestyle.